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Evamore Legal Services are Will Writing and Estate Planning specialists who provide solutions designed to ensure the protection of your assets and guarantee that you leave your estate to your chosen beneficiaries. And because we are very good at what we do it is no coincidence that we are growing rapidly.

Our Range of products includes protection against...

- Care Home Fees – ensure that your property is not sold against your wishes to fund the cost of long term care.
- Divorce settlements – You or your children losing assets following a divorce.
- Re-marriage – Your children or Grandchildren not receiving their inheritance because the surviving spouse re-marries and/or changes their Will.
- Wills – Without a Will your spouse or partner will not automatically be entitled to your estate, and you would have no say in who looks after your children or the funds held on their behalf.

Not only are your assets at risk during your lifetime, they become more exposed after death. At Evamore we have a comprehensive understanding of how best to protect these assets for future generations.

For further information or to arrange a FREE NO Obligation consultation with one of our friendly experienced advisers, please call Free on 0800 037 7402.

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