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Starting your funeral wishes in your Will
is not legally binding.

Funeral help
  • Only a Funeral Plan will guarantee that your wishes
    are carried out

  • Monies put aside for your funeral may not be used for this,
    or there may not be enough

  • Friends and family may not know what you would want

  • The price of a Funeral Plan is in line with the cost of a
    funeral today and so represents real value for money
Funeral advice

Why should I consider a pre-paid Funeral Plan?

Not an easy decision to make, simply because it is not always easy to think about planning your own funeral. A lot of people avoid facing this issue altogether, but there are many reasons why a pre-paid funeral plan could be right for you.
Here are some basic facts which may help you to make up your mind:
• Stating your Funeral wishes in your Will is NOT binding upon your Executors.
• Often, people just do not know what their deceased relative or friend wanted.
• A Funeral Plan GUARANTEES that your wishes will be carried out and that the Funeral Director’s services will be paid for at no extra cost to your family.
• At a time of sadness, you will have relieved your family of financial and emotional burdens .
• Those you leave behind will remember your thoughtfulness.
• Savings in a Bank or Building Society or Insurance is just a sum of money. Your executors are NOT obliged to spend it on your funeral and there may not be enough.
• Your money is safe. It is held with the Funeral Planning Trust with HSBC Trust Company (UK) Limited as custodian Trustee.
• The price of a Funeral Plan is in line with the cost of a funeral purchased today. Funeral costs, like everything else, will almost certainly continue to rise in the future.
• You can choose a Funeral to suit your requirements across a range of prices.
• You will receive a certificate which confirms the funeral you have chosen. It also specifies, if you wish, personal details such as religious requirements, gifts to charities in lieu of flowers, music etc.
• You will also receive a booklet which tells your family or executors all they need to know at the time of your funeral.

Which Plan is Right for you?

You can choose a funeral to suit your requirements across a range of prices or, you can pay by installments if you prefer.
Select a plan from the plan descriptions. We are happy to quote for alternative or extra services. When you have paid for the Plan, a guarantee is issued confirming that the services of the Funeral Director will be provided as specified, when they are required. There will never be more to pay for these services. Included in the price of the Plans are contributions for other necessary expenses or “disbursements” such as cemetery or cremation fees and Clergy fees if applicable. These amounts are based upon national averages and are increased regularly in line with inflation. So most, if not all of the costs will be covered however, they are outside of the control of Funeral Planning Services limited and cannot be guaranteed. Although the amounts covered are based upon cremation costs, they can be put towards a burial instead. If you wish to include a larger amount, simply add the extra cost to the price of the Plan. (NOTE - if you require burial, the cost of the grave plot is NOT included in the Plan price.)

Choose the Plan which suits you best

The Economical

A simple Funeral providing basic requirements :

• Guidance on registration of death and advice on social and religious matters.
• Collection of deceased within 10 miles* of the Funeral Director during normal office hours.
• Care of the deceased. There are no facilities for viewing in this plan.
• A plain coffin.
• The Funeral Director will make all the necessary arrangements, liaise with the minister and others involved and attend to the necessary administration.
• The supply of the hearse with a Funeral director and staff to meet the family at the local crematorium or cemetery. There is no procession in this plan.
• A contribution towards other expenses or “disbursements” such as cemetery or crematorium fees and a ministers fee. (see notes above)

The Traditional

This Plan provides what most people expect from a Funeral. It provides all the facilities of the Economical Funeral but, in addition, will provide:

• Collection of the deceased within 50 miles* of the Funeral director, any time, day or night.
• Care of the deceased in accordance with the wishes of the family and facilities for viewing at the Funeral Director’s Chapel of Rest.
• A veneered coffin with traditional fittings, gown and interior lining.
• A limousine to follow the hearse and a Funeral director and full compliment of uniformed staff. A procession can leave from a private address prior to a Funeral service at a local place of worship, followed by a committal service at a local crematorium or cemetery.
• A listing of flowers and charitable donations received.

The Classical

An extremely high quality Funeral, including a superior coffin and two limousines. This Plan combines all the facilities of the Traditional Funeral but, in addition, will provide:

• Collection of the deceased from anywhere in the United Kingdom*, any time, day or night
• A superior quality coffin
• Two limousines to follow the hearse
• A newspaper notice *Excludes any ferry and or toll charges.


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